You send attention words to your lost device to either locate it or let it rings.

If you lost your device, you can send a message to it and then your phone will start ringing and this image will appear on your phone and it will start ringing.

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 To enable this option:

  1.  Open G Cloud app on your device.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap the Find my Android option.
  4. Enable the Use Find My Andrid option.
  5. Enable the Use SMS locator option → Set the Locate Message and the Ring Message.
  6. Tap on Done.
The Ring Message is the text you want to send to your device in order for it to start ringing. Make sure that you use a unique code, because any text that contains this text will let G Cloud consider it as ring message and the phone will start ringing.

The Locate Message is the text you want to send to your device in order for G Cloud to send you a message that contains a map for your device’s location. You should have the GPS or the Location Settings enabled, and your device should be connected to the Internet for this option to work.