If you have deleted contacts, call logs, messages, apps data, calendar or system settings  from your G Cloud online account, then once you update them, they will be backed up again if they are still included in the backup (under the Data tab).

However, if you delete them using the Delete file from G Cloud option in the app itself, you can set  G Cloud to upload them again by clearing G Cloud’s data in the Settings of your device→ Application Manager.

However, if you delete  music, video, pictures or documents from your G Cloud account (whether from your G Cloud online account or using the Delete file from G Cloud option in the app itself), then these files will not be uploaded again unless:

  • Their modification dates get changed.
  • Their locations get changed.
  • Or you will need to uninstall G Cloud → Delete your account → Re-install G Cloud→ Sign up for a new account using the same email used earlier and configure a new backup.

Make sure that you restore all the data you need from your G Cloud account before you delete it.

If you have purchased storage earlier and it didn’t reflect on your new account, please contact us at support@gcloudbackup.com