1. Install the G Cloud app on the new device.
  2. Sign in to your G Cloud account, using the same method you used to create this account. (Email and password/Google/Facebook)
  3. G Cloud will detect that you have backed up other device(s) under this account, and will list this/those device(s) for you, and will ask you to select from one of the following options:
    • Replace Device: Selecting this option will make G Cloud combine the backup of the selected old device and this new one into one device. The old device will stop appearing in the list of your backed-up devices, and if the G Cloud app is still installed on it, the backup will stop there and you’ll be signed out from it. Please do not select this option if you wish to continue the backup process on the old device.
    • Add New Device: Selecting this option will make G Cloud add the new device to the list of your backed up devices, without affecting the backup of the other one(s).
  4. Select the data you want to back up from under this device, and tap the Save button.
  5. Once you are on the main screen of the G Cloud app, tap the menu icon at the upper left corner → Restore.
  6. Tap the device you want to restore from its backup.
  7. Select the data you need to restore and proceed to restore it.

If the requested data is not archived, it will start downloading instantly. Just give the G Cloud app all the needed time to finish its work.

However, if the requested data (or some of it) is archived, you will notice the red cloud icon showing on your G Cloud app as below. Those archived files will need from 3 to 12 hours to un-archive them for you.

Once those files are un-archived, you will be notified in three ways:

  • A pop-up notification from the G Cloud app will be sent to you to inform you that “Files ready to download”. Just repeat steps 1 to 5 above and the files will start getting restored. This is the recommended way to do a mass restore.
  • Emails from G Cloud <noreply@gcloudbackup.com> will reach you. You can check those emails and use the links within them to download selected files.
  • The red cloud icon under the G Cloud app will turn into a green one . You can also tap on it and start downloading selected files.
  1. From Appstore, download and install G Cloud app on the device.
  2. Open your G Cloud app and tap the Already have an account? Sign in option.
  3. Select the proper way to sign in to your account, depending on the method you’ve used when you created it. (Email/Google+/Facebook)
  4. Tap Restore.

  5. Select the device you want to restore from.
  6. Select the data you want to restore.
  7. Tap the Restore button
  8. Tap proceed to confirm the restoration process.